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Thomas Hamilton Roofing...Cedar Roofing Services

While we specialize in cedar roofs we also offer several additional services which include the following :

  • Chimney repairs & weatherproofing: Tuckpointing, crown repair or crown replacement, chimney waterproofing & sealing, chimney spark caps.

  • Gutters: Gutter repairs, new gutter installation, gutter guards & screens, larger downspout installations.

  • Custom made flashing & metal work: Custom made chimney caps & spark caps, custom made flashings, bird & pest deterrent screens.

  • Siding/soffit/fascia services: Repair & new installation, aluminum metal window & trim wrapping.

  • Roof inspections: Certified roof inspections complete with photos & reports, insurance claims & storm damage .

  • (Fee may be applicable during home sale/transaction)

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