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Cedar Roof Preservation Process

Cedar Roof Inspection Process

The only way to know if your roof needs repair or maintenance is to have your cedar roof or other type of roof inspected by us. We provide a FREE no obligation roof inspection & estimate for you.  If any work is needed after our inspection is complete, we will then present a detailed written description along with information on all products that we recommend using to preserve your roof .

Of course, we will be happy to answer all questions from you the homeowner to help you gain a better understanding of your roof. Our very detailed & thourough roof inspection includes the following:

Locate all missing, damaged or loose shakes & ridge-caps, all migrating nails & exposed felt paper or underlayment.

We will always look for any critter damage from squirells, birds & racoons, ect…

Inpsect all roof vents & Ridge-vent to make sure your roof is getting the proper ventalation it needs to perform correctly

Inspect all roof pipe flashings such as rubber or lead pipe boots to ensure they will not start to leak

We will inform you on how many bundles of shingles , shakes & ridge-caps that should be used to repair your roof the correct way (Quick note most cedar roof mainenetance companys do not install or replace the above mentioned flashings or vents, but we feel these are very important aspects in prolonging your roof thus should be inspected)

Locate any loose , damaged or Missing flashing around chimneys, skylights & roof pipes

We will measure the exact lineal feet of all rusted flashings & valleys (Excluding non rusting metals like copper and aluminum)

Determine the amount of decay & growth on the roof using the latest mouisture reading diagnostic equipment

Determine if trees are causing rapid fungal growth & present tree trimming course of action

Exterior inspection of your chimney Including:

Damage and or cracks in the chimney crown, missing bricks or mortar

Determine if a waterproofer should be applied to masonry chimney

We then determine how many gallons of our exclusive cedar roof treatment will be needed to treat & protect your roof . Our cedar roof treatment is unlike any of our competitors

It destroys wood rotting: fungus, lichen, moss, mold & protects against water and harmful UV rays .

It is safe for all humans , pets & landscaping .

(Our cedar roof treatment does not cover up ugly roofs with a color it DESTROYS organic growth and protects it from all elements for a minimum of 5 years)

Roof Repair Process

We start by replacing all missing, damaged shakes & ridge caps that are accounted for in the roof inspection process. secure all loose shakes & migrating nails.

We then refasten every ridge-cap over the entire roof , This will prevent wind damage & keep birds from nesting in the ridge-cap.

As always we replace any damaged or missing felt paper throughout the entire repair process.

In some cases we use Ice & water shield to stop or prevent a leak in certain areas such as: valleys, chimney crickets/saddles, skylights & roof pipes.

Ice & Water shield is a self adhered waterproofing membrane that is applied under the felt paper to prevent ice dams & water entry.

We always use rust resistant fasteners made specificly for cedar roofs when repairing your roof.

Only premium #1 Blue Label 100% Vertical (Edge) grain shakes, shingles are used to repair your roof (NO FLAT GRAIN SLASH GRAIN)

But before we start any of the above mentioned work we determine the safest way to complete your roofing project, thats why we only use the latest in roof climbing equipment & footwear exclusively designed for the cedar roofing professional .

Roof Flashing & Valley Caulking & Rust Prevention Process

This is a very important step in maintaining your roof because its been proven that neglected

Flashings & Valleys are more susceptible to have leaks , Thats why we always practice the following steps to ensure leaks wont develope

After a thourough inspection we refasten all loose flashing around chimneys & wall flashings.

All rusted valleys , Flashings & Roof pipes are prepped by scraping / sanding loose paint and rust.

Surface preporation is key to prevent rust from returning to all flashings.

We then apply a high grade weather resistant caulking to seal out mouisture to all metal valley peaks & break points , Counter flashings

After all caulking is complete we then apply two coats of rust preventing primer & two coats of rust preventing paint.

If your home has copper or aluminum valleys & flashings the priming/painting is not necessary as these metals do not rust or corrode

However we will inspect them the same way making sure the are tight and caulked correctly to ensure leaks will not develope .

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