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Welcome To Thomas Hamilton Roofing



Home of "The Cedar Roof Experts""

With our Eco- friendly cedar roof treatment 

The Cedar Roof Experts, will give your greatest investment (your Home) an elegant and beautiful look that adds value to your property...and it is truly an investment worth caring for.

How Long Will My Cedar Roof Last?

That depends on how much care you give it?  We offer Annual Cedar Roof Maintenance packages to fit all of your cedar roofing needs.

What is a Cedar Roof Maintenance Program?

We will customize an Annual Plan to keep your cedar roof repaired and treated to maintain it in great shape and hold it's beauty and value over time. 

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cedar roofing shake Barrington.IL

While we specialize in cedar roofs we also offer several roofing related services:


Chimney repairs & weatherproofing Tuckpointing, crown repair or replacement, chimney waterproofing & sealing, chimney spark caps and animal critter prevention screens, copper and metal work, repair and elastomeric coatings to flat roofs.


Gutter repairs, new gutter installation, gutter guards & screens, larger downspout installations.  And most importantly...


Thomas Hamilton Roofing Your Cedar Roof Experts Processes

Whether repairing, restoring, maintaining, cleaning or any other service we provide, we take great pride in you placing your trust in us to restore and protect your cedar roof to show it's natural beauty and elegance. 


Cedar shake roofs, when properly maintained, can last up to 50 years, without it they show signs of weather deterioration in as little as 5 yrs.  Surprisingly, many clients don't realize this until almost too late.  Take a look at our maintenance agreements.

Thomas Hamilton Roofing Your Cedar Roof Experts

Welcome to Thomas Hamilton Roofing Your Cedar Roof Experts...

We are family owned & operated and have been specializing in Cedar roof repair and preservation since 1999...


We realize that your home is your greatest investment and consider it an honor that you let us protect and restore it for you.


We service most Cedar roofs in Chicago suburbs including: Naperville, Barrington, Lake Forest, Libertyville IL and more...

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